Primary Services


G-Techniq Details.
We consider G-Techniq products to be the ultimate in finishing when it comes to looks and
durability. Combine this with 20-100 hours of our time, its an unbeatable package. Please click the link
to see our G-Techniq services.
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The Purest Detail.
This is our ultimate pamper package. The minimum time requirement is 100+ hours, so as you can
imagine nothing is left untouched, polished or treated – inside and out. This is our
Concours d’Elegance winning package!
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Correct, Refine and Shine Detail.
This complete 3 stage machine polish exterior detail demands a minimum of 2-4 days.
No millimetre of the exterior is left untouched.
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Minor Correction – Paint Enhancement Detail.
This package is designed to remove lighter swirls/marring which flattens
the cars appearance to leave a smooth glass like finish that brings out
the paints colour/flake. Minimum time needed = 1-2 full days.
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New Car Detail
Designed to prepare your brand new car properly adding more glossy, lustful shine
and strong protection.
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Deep Cleanse and Protection Detail.
Within 12-20 hours, this non-correction detail deep cleanses your car from
the underside to the inside. Once completely clean it will be protected for
the coming months. Ideal after the winter months.
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Interior Details.
We offer different levels of interior detailing, from -2-4 hours to 24-26 hour treatments.
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Heart Detail – Engine Bay Detail
With the engine bay being exposed to the elements, the paint, metals and
plastics can easily become floored. With hard to reach areas, it takes a
detailed eye to bring back to its former glory.
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Bolt On Services

Wheel Refurbishment.
From full diamond cutting to colour change refurbishments or kerb mark correction,
we offer a 2-3 day turn around for this service.
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Stone Chip and Scratch Repair.
It is inevitable that over time you will incur the odd stone chip or small
deep scratch. Either incorporated as part of a detail or use this service on its own
we can vanish them.
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Smart Repairs and Refinishing.
Smart repair service for any problems with your paint work, whether it be
a bumper scuff or lacquer peel.
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Brake Caliper Refurbishment .
Brake caliper service, either hydraulic or fully painted service.
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Hourly Rate Detail.
This service is designed if you only have certain requirements which don’t
follow our detail packages.
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