Wheel Refurbishment

Unlike some wheel re-furbishers, we don’t just mask or deflat the tyre and pop it off the bead, it is fully removed!
The old paint and lacquer is subjected to media blasting taking the wheel back to bare metal. This removes all dirt and paint from the wheel, front and back leaving bare metal.

The wheel is now ready for repairing any scuffs, scrapes, kerbing or dents. This is done using a combination of techniques and processes.

Primer and base coats
Powder Primer is now applied over the whole face, rear and barrel of the wheel. This is done using the latest powder coating technology, leaving a super smooth primer coat. The wheel is then powder coated which ever colour is specified.

A final coat of powder lacquer is applied front and back. This fully protects the wheel from the elements, leaving the complete wheel with a great finish all over. The wheel is then baked until fully cured, then left to cool.

Tyre Fitting.
Once fully hardened off, the tyres and then fitted, balanced and centre cap refitted.

We then offer our protection services from wheel wax to Gtechniq C5 ceramic finishing.

Pricing and Quotations.
Prices vary with size and condition – so please use this page to email us for a quotation.