New Car Detail

With most new cars, they arrive very dirty at the dealership. Stickers, delivery wax, chalk markings and so on. Usually the dealer will prepare the car for you or charge you for ultra guard treatment or similar. Usually it will be given to the in-house valeters who will use old sponges, rags and not give it the time needed, which will damage the paint adding swirls and marring. Softer finishing on some cars such as piano black plastic  A and B pillars will have deeper marks in them. This finish rarely protects the car for more than a month.

Usually for a similar price to the dealership ‘ultragaurd’ or similar, we can carefully cleanse, polish and protect your brand new car, spending the correct amount of time needed to prepare the car leaving it as it should be; swirl free with great reflections and protection.

One thing we do ask, is that you request the car not to be touched by the dealer. Delivery stickers to be left on, chalk markings on the car etc. This way we know the car won’t have been touched and will have minimum defects in the paint. You may however have some odd looks from the salesman! Not the end of the world if the dealers have cleaned it, it may need extra machining time. Alternatively we could prepare the car for you at the dealers where possible.


This detail includes:

  • Removal of all plastic stickers
  • Pre Soak
  • Door shuts, badges, panel edges grills and any other small hard to reach area worked over with APC and various brushes
  • Any chalk markings to be removed
  • Pre-soak rinsed
  • Wheels removed to be cleansed
  • Tyres scrubbed until all dirt is removed
  • Inner arches plastic liners dressed, any paint sealed and fabric guarded.
  • The car is then foamed and washed down using very soft ultra plush mitts.
  • Rinsed
  • Exterior De-tarred and de-ironised to remove and fall out (common with cars that have to sit in docklands)
  • Glass, paint, plastics are clayed to removed any more bonded contaminates
  • Car is then washed again to remove dirty clay lube residue
  • Car is then completely dried using drying towels and compressed air
  • Seals, plastics and paint edges are then taped ready for machine correction stages
  • All surfaces IPA’d down and checked for any swirls or marks.
  • Paint is then single stage finishing machined to gloss the paintwork
  • Apply chosen finishing products
  • Sealant applied to windows and light lenses
  • Wheels sealed
  • Plastics dressed
  • Satin or gloss tyre dressing applied
  • Car completed covered up ready for the customer to collect.


This service requires a minimum of 1-2 full days. Prices from £220 – varies on vehicle size and condition.

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