Minor Correction – Paint Enhancement Detail.

This single stage machine correction detail, removes swirls/light scratches, holograms, oxidation and dull paintwork incurred from general use and poor wash technique. A pad and polish combination strong enough to correct the defects mentioned, yet at the same time fine enough to give a refined gloss finish with no buffing trails.

This is a popular service for people wanting to sell their vehicle and want it to look its best without having to have full paint correction. This will help sell the vehicle and also add valve to your sale price, usually covering the cost of the detail and more!

This Detail includes:

  • Pre Soak
  • Door shuts, badges, panel edges grills and any other small hard to reach area worked over with APC and various brushes
  • Pre-soak rinsed
  • Wheels removed, de-tarred, de-ironised and clayed
  • Tyres scrubbed until all tyre gel and dirt is removed
  • Inner arches worked over with various products and tools till completely clean. Plastic arch liners dressed, any paint sealed and fabric guarded.
  • The car is then foamed and washed down using very soft ultra plush mitts.
  • Rinsed
  • Exterior De-tarred and de-ironised
  • Glass, paint, plastics are clayed to removed any more bonded contaminates
  • Car is then washed again to remove dirty clay lube residue
  • Car is then completely dried using drying towels and compressed air
  • Seals, plastics and paint edges are then taped ready for machine correction stages
  • Pad/Polish tests to see which work with the paint type the best
  • Single stage machine polish – removing swirls, marring and oxidation, leaving high gloss paint
  • IPA’d down (IPA removes everything from the paint surface) and then checked with various lights to confirm correction is complete.
  • Apply chosen finishing products
  • Sealant applied to windows and light lenses
  • Wheels sealed
  • Plastics dressed
  • Satin or gloss tyre dressing applied
  • Car completed covered up ready for the customer to collect.

This service requires a minimum of 2 full days. Prices from £280 – varies on vehicle size and condition.

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