Heart Detail – Engine Bay Detail

As engine bay areas are exposed to the elements, they can become very dirty from general road grime and over winter road salt. With this simple detail the bay will be transformed back to its naturally dressed new state.

This detail includes:

  • All electrical components covered in plastic and foil
  • Steam clean very dirty stubborn areas
  • Spray entire engine bay area with a safe de-greaser
  • Worked over with compressed air tools
  • Agitate with various detailing brushes and tools
  • Bonnet sound deadening deep cleansed with air tools and APC
  • Rinse at low pressure
  • Clay and decontaminate any painted areas
  • Polish any metal on show
  • Seal any paintwork
  • Seal metalwork
  • Dress all plastic & rubbers in non slick products as not to attract dirt


This service requires a minimum of 1/2 day. Prices from £80 – varies on vehicle size and condition.

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