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Porsche Cayman GT4 – Dark Blue Metallic Service: Paint correction enhancement detail. Protection: Coating in Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and ExoV3. Bolt on service: Glass machining + G1 Sealant Wheels coated with Crystal serum Light Being a year old, the paint was still in good condition with minimal defects (swirls, marring) inflected on the bodywork. […]

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Due to the aircraft being in the air a lot and the crew only have limited cleaning equipment, this interior detail was well over due! Usual methods of interior cleaning had to be scrapped or changed to suit aviation regulations. The main areas needing attention were the leather seats and general dust build up due […]

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With racing being super competitive, every little advantage can mean positions, tenths; winning or finishing second. So with aerodynamics being so important we offered are services to see if we could extend JMW’s advantage were possible. Key points they noted were: Rubber and track dirt/grim sticking to the car Visibility in cold or wet conditions […]