Working with JMW Motorsport and their Ferrari 458 GT2 race car

Back to 2012 saw us Prep’ the JMW Motorsport FFerrari 458 GT2 Race car detailed and smoothed with Gtechniqari 458 GT2 that Jonny Cocker drove to win the GT2 Cup last year. Very deep cleanse + single stage machine correction/smoothing then finished with Gtechniq Exo v1, G1, C5 on 3 sets of wheels. Hoping to work with JMW Motorsport again very soon as the difference the Gtechniq coatings made were very noticeable. Especially G1 in wet conditions. Visibly less contaminates on the paint and less rubber adhesion down the sides from the race tyres. Joining me for the detail was Lee @ LMX Creative (Commercial photography) documenting it and editing this video together. After the detail we attended each race in the pit to document the car before, during and after the race. Oh and the sound it makes….. Write up to follow now the pictures have been passed by Ferrari.