Porsche 991 GT3 RS

Porsche 991 GT3 RS in Ultra Violet Purple.

Having known the customer for a while before the detail, it was decided that the car needed to be sectioned in to 3 stages:
1. Prep and paint correction, ready for PPF (paint protection film)
2. Paint Protection Film (carried out by a well established company using precut Suntech film)
3. Revisiting finish correction and coating with Gtechniq.

This would need a couple of visits and 2-3 weeks to complete.

On arrival we were shocked and the all over condition of the paint finish. Being a RS model, the poor finish is to do with the ethic of the car not being finished to the usual standard of showroom cars due to race/rally background. Lots of sanding marks, rough buffer trails, swirls and marring all present some very deep which will require isolated spot work.

On arrival:





As you can see a very poor finish to the paint which dulls the finish/gloss levels a lot. After a couple of hours trail and testing different Machine, pad and polish combo’s 3 stages were decided on to best achieve removal of deep sanding marks to deep gloss, sharp reflection defect free finish ready for PPF and coatings.

After the first stage, all deeper marks were removed but left its own marring to the paint in the form of slight holograms.


After the finishing stages were complete – about 20-22 hours needed to this point, the paint was in perfect defect free condition to 98% of the body.




After a lengthy inspection and being happy with the finish we left it in the hands of Paintshield to have their very neat and accurate pre cut film applied to the front facing panels and at risk areas. As you can see, the pre cut film is very neat. It is also self healing when heat is applied. (please contact us about your vehicle)

Bonnet, bumper and wings after correction and film:



After letting the PPF settle, breath and properly adhere to the paint we returned to finishing polish the remaining unprotected areas and coat with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light. We were originally booked in for Crystal serum but after a test section it would not apply without marring the paint due to the paint being so soft.


Once complete, the wheels were also coated with Crystal Serum Light and the glass with several coats of Gtechniq G1.

The finished artical:









Outside with its older relative…


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