Mercedes CLS 63 AMG in tenorite grey.

Gtechniq New Car Detail.


This brand new CLS 63 AMG was brought to us for a gtechniq new car detail as the customer was not happy with the finish or protection from Mercedes on his MLK. Having read about Gtechniq and seen various articilaes and videos, he booked in for this 2 day treatment.

As the car arrived…

Straight into the deep cleanse stages…

Washed down, we found the paint to still have a small amount of bonded contaminates which left it slightly rough to the touch. This was then clayed, washed again and brought inside to be fully dried using drying towels and compressed air.
With it inside, the paint was inspected and found it to be mostly defect free but with a slightly dull finish. So a single stage machine finishing polish was decided upon to revive the dull finish, leaving it perfect for the gtechinq C1.

As you can see virtually defect free…

3m ultrafina and 3m black finishing pad,

Which after, gave these results,

Nice deep gloss, high shine finish.
After the single stage machine polish, the car was then wiped down with IPA to perfectly prepare it for the Gtechniq C1.
We then removed the wheels to coat with Gtechniq C5,

Glass was coated with Gtechniq G1,

Plastics treated with Gtechniq C4,

With all the plastic, wheels and glass protected we coated the paint in Gtechniq C1,

Leaving an amazing wet look finish…

Left to cure, we moved onto metal polishing the AMG exhausts and various other detailed tasks, including dressing the tyres with Gtechniq T1,

Just before the customer arrived to pick up his freshly detailed CLS, the car was finished with Silo Seal C1.5.

The finished results…

Thanks for reading and to the customer,

Pure Detail.