Mercedes E63 AMG

New Car Detail.

Having previously detailed and maintained three of the customers cars, he wanted his brand new E63 AMG looking perfect from the start. Having informed the dealer not to touch the car at all, due to the fact they would do more harm the good, it was booked in at PD HQ the day after collection. Through the past details, we chatted about various finishes that could be achieved and he opted for the full Zaino finish. This adds a day onto the detail, as Zaino can only have so many layers per day.

First process required was a paint inspection.
This is to find an defects in the paint or plastics. This drew attention to two minor defects where marring had occurred. So a single stage machine pass by the rotary polisher with a finishing pad and Zaino PC was decided upon.

Second stage, cleanse and decontamination.
As most new cars have stood for a period of time before you are buy the car, they can pick up quite a lot of dirt and sometimes have bonded contaminates on the outside.

So a pre soak is needed to loosen any before washing the car down. After this is jet washed off, its time for the car to be cleansed.

Once the wash process was complete the car was then clayed to remove the bonded contaminates left. After this the car was washed down again to remove the lubricate residue from claying. Moving to inside the unit the car was dried thoroughly with the Dodo Juice supernatural drying towel and blown over to remove an trapped water with the black baron.

Third Stage, single machine pass with Zaino PC used with a 3M finishing pad.
This stage was decided upon to remove the marring discovered whilst inspecting the paint. The very light abrasives work well with the finishing pad to leave a flawless finish, which is also the prep work for the gloss finish.

Once completed, the paint is ready for the many layers of Zaino to be applied.

Forth Stage, Zaino layering.
With Zaino having a long curing time, there is a limit to how many layers can be applied in a day. So the rest of day one and most of the second day will be spent applying the polishes and sealants.

With the car off all four wheels on the car ramp, the wheels were taken off and treated to Zaino Clear Seal.

In-between the the zaino layers, the plastics, rubber and glass were all treated and dressed.

Perfect Tyre Gloss, leaves the tyre with a new matt look finish instead of a high gloss finish silicone based products do.
The glass was treated to Xtravue, which is a nano product designed to keep the glass clearer for longer and repel water. With our own tests it works for 10-12 months with the need to re-apply. A great feature of this product, is that in rain at 50mph+ the need for wipers is lessened.It was also applied to the front and rear lights, and wing mirror glass.

At the end of day two after the layers were complete, the car was inspected and finished with Zaino Z8 to add the final layer and rid an dust settled on the car before the customer arrived.

Finished pictures.

Thanks for reading.