Ferrari 599GTB

Ferrari 599 GTB – Correct, Refine and Shine Detail.

Having completed various work for the owners family, it was time the 599 was treated ready for the summer months ahead. After a good chat and inspection of the car it was decided upon that the Correct, Refine and Shine package with Zaino finishing would be perfect. He also requested if there was time, to briefly treat the interior too. Being mostly leather he wanted it cleansing and protecting.
Having inspected the paint, it only showed light marring and swirls so Menzerna 203s with a medium polishing pad was decided upon followed by a 2 stage finishing process. Having looked closely at the paint work, it appeared to have been detailed before by the previous owner; with disregard to edges when paint correcting. Both front headlight washer caps had strike through on the edges as well as the front bumper drivers side edge. Something to address later on.

First of all, the car was sprayed down with a pre wash foam to drag any loose dirt/dust off the car. Pressure washed off, the wheels where then thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. The wheels are not removed as the customer requested. Once complete it was on the the deep cleanse. Sprayed over with Hyper Wash shampoo and worked over with the large paint friendly wookie’s fist wash mitt.

Once washed down and rinsed, the car was clayed with a very fine grade clay as there was virtually no bonded contaminates on the paint and not to mar the paint any more.
Once inside the the basic areas were taped in preparation for the correction work. Here are a couple of shots showing the light swirling in the paint…

As you can see around the badge is a very hard near impossible area to achieve. To solve this, the badge was removed; paint corrected and re-attached.
Having tested the polish/pad combo on a section on the paint work, 203s with a medium polishing pad proved perfect for the job. Here is the bonnet after a couple of passes…

The panel is virtually defect free leaving a very glossy sharp reflection. Couple more shots of corrected panels…

Once the paint correction stage was complete, the first of a two stage finishing was carried out using Zaino PC with a soft finishing pad to rid any holograms that may have occurred during the protection stage.

After the paint work was completed, the wheels were always treated to this finishing stage…

After this, a glaze was applied by machine to complete the finishing stage before finishing products are applied.
With the glaze left to cure on the bodywork, the engine bay was dressed after a deep cleanse during the wash stage.

For finishing, the body work was treated to multiply layer of Zaino Z5 and Z2 whilst the wheel were sprayed over with Zaino CS (clear seal) and the tyres dressed with Zaino natural look. These stages dominated most of the second day due to the long curing times needed. Whilst the products were curing, other finishing jobs, such as the metal bight work and interior were finished.

Here are the finished shots.

Interior complete…