Cayenne, Merc CL AMG, Audi S3 and more…

Two Enhance. Three Protect.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG. Volkswagen Golf Edition 30. BMW 320i Cabriolet & an Audi S3.

Having been in touch with Jim @ White Details for a fair while now, and, catching up from time to time at the odd VW show, it was time we teamed for some work I had quoted down in Essex.

Running over a three day period, we had to: enhance the paintwork on a Cayenne Turbo and a CL 55 AMG, cleanse and protect the BMW, Golf and the S3 whilst at the same time delivering all the other finer details such as interior, leather care and engine bays etc.

After a 5am start we’re loaded and heading south to London. Arriving just shy of 9am we sink a coffee and get set up for the days work that we had ahead of us.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo & Mercedes CL 55 AMG.

Without wanting to trip over each other in the wash stages, Jim opted to tackle the interior on the Merc whilst I got the wet work out of the way on the Porsche. A routine that ended up working well and one that we stuck with for the best part of the trip.

Both the Mercedes and Porsche were very well kept. Requiring very little attention to the already presentable interiors and a mild decontamination approach on the outsides.

As my camera was in for a service (loads of dirt on the inner lens), we used Jims camera for the 3 days.

Upon arrival:

Although difficult to make out on the picture, the Porsche was suffering from slight ‘movement’ and light swirls:

Whilst I got to work on the wheels/underside of the Porsche, Jim de-cluttered the Mercedes interior, wiped all the plastic fascias, cleaned and hydrated the leather and later polished the britework.

Jeffs Prime used on the wooden trims:

Lovely interior on the Merc; very classy!

A quick snap of the claybar from a small section on the Cayenne:

Removing the rubber load liners from both cars, soaking in G101 and scrubbing before rinsing and leaving to dry in the sun.

Switching cars now, Jim set about on the Porsche interior and handed the Merc over to me.

Leather cleansed and hydrated:

Using Tardis to remove the build-up of road tar before claying:

Here’s the rinse water from the leather cleaning stage. Yuk!

With both cars fully cleansed and dry, it was time to begin the machine work.

Not many photos taken throughout this stage; with time against us, we just had to crack on. Menzerna Power Finish 203s used to lift the surface movement and lighter swirls.

With the machine work out the way and an IPA wipedown given on both vehicles, they were finished with Collinite 915 Marque D’Elegance wax and various dressings/finishing touches attended too (arches, tyres, wheels, trim, glass, exhausts, engine bay etc)

Plastics dressed with Megs All-Season:

With the glass being the only thing left to do, we hurried the cars outside to grab a few final photos before we lost daylight completely.

A quick tidy up of the garage with a brush from Jim and a mop by me, we finalised the glass both inside and out with 3M’s glass cleaner and called it a night.

Me taking on the Toothpickery work:

After food at the hotel we collapsed; more of the same first thing in the morning so an early night had all round.

Golf Edition 30 & BMW 320 Cabriolet.

Arriving nice and early we were shocked to see the cars covered in frost! It wasn’t half cold and would take some serious running around to get warmed up! *brr*

Little did we know, the interior on the BMW was of a light brown/cream colour. Take any 10 year old car with a light coloured interior and chances are, it’s seen better days!

Today, Jim barely even touched the Golf! By the time he had finalised the ‘tidy up’ on the BMW interior, I had fully cleaned, clayed, cleansed and waxed the Golf and was waiting on me to finish up so we could swap. So you can imagine the work Jim had set himself!

The Black Baron Vehicle Dryer coming in very useful:

The Golf’s paintwork was cleansed with Poorboys’ White Diamond, and, much like the Porsche and the Mercedes, protected with Collinite 915 Marque D’Elegance for max durability.

With the Golf making a daily commute to the train station to head on into the city, it had accumulated a fair amount of iron filings and rough fallout that had bonded to the paints surface.

Aquartz’ Iron Cut made light work of this and we were able to remove all contaminants with a single wipe.

Meanwhile, Jim battled on with the BMW interior.

The rear shelf where the hood folds into was a little dirty:

Lots of grubby areas on the plastics and leather:

Armed with AS G101, AS Bio-Brisk, a JML Magic Sponge, a VAX 6131 extraction machine and lots of patience, we were finally getting somewhere!



Having felt sorry for Jim with the amount he had on, I lent a hand with the mat extraction:

And the colour of the water from extracting the mats properly:

Here’s Jim’s attempt; this was the second bucket of warm water used to rinse the leather cloths. After the leather was cleaned, a thorough damp wipe was given to help clean up residues and any smears still present.

As I had already cleaned the mats, Jim was left with the carpet. Scrubbed with Bio-Brisk and then flushed with the VAX, I’d say they came up pretty well!

(Water collection from the carpet cleaning stage)

A massive (well needed) improvement.

With another cup of coffee, we were able to carry on!

With the BMW interior complete, again, we swapped cars and Jim took on the fully (exterior) prepped Golf. Only requiring a quick hoover, wipe around and a general tidy-up.

BMW was cleaned, clayed and cleansed with PoorBoys’ Black Hole before protecting with Collinite 915.

Nice line up in the garage now:

End of Day 2 and another night at the hotel.

Audi 8P S3.

Early start on Day 3 so the Audi could be prepped and protected in good time before getting ourselves caught in the London rush hour.

A brief demo on claying was given to Kieth and then the exterior was lightly machined with a finishing pad and Blackhole. Protection complete. It’s ~11:30am and we’re in good time…

Audi Support Vehicle loaded and we’re heading home – 160 mile to go…

A great three days – thanks to Jim for a quality helping hand and to the customer for choosing Pure Detail.

Thanks for reading,