987 Porsche Boxster

Enhancement Detail.

Having detailed the Boxster before for the customer, he noticed faint swirl marks appearing after washing. This was not due to washing it wrongly, but very soft paint on the front and rear end panels.
So after a chat with him, we decided on an enhancement detail to rid the light swirling/hologram (movement) and have a look into why the paint is so soft and provide a maintenance solution. Being an automotive photographer (Chris Wallbank Photography), he insisted on snapping the detail with some great results.

Once the deep cleanse was very carefully carried out, it was time to inspect the paint in the best light possible – the sun! We discovered as Chris talked about, very slight hologram and hazing. See in the pictures below:

Opting for Menzera 106 and a find finishing pad the slight imperfections were corrected, leaving perfect defect free, flake popping, wet looking paint! At this point to enhance the finish the paint was machine glazed ready for the the sealants.

After the sealant had been left to cure forming a strong durable coat on the paint, the excess was carefully taken off with a double density microfibre towel. Here is a 50/50 shot after the bonnet was wiped down.

So with the finish once again perfectly swirl/marring/hologram free the rest of the car was wiped clear of sealant residue and a test wash was carried out which left no marking of any kind. Once dried off, 2 more layers of sealant were added then finished with Zaino Z8 for the finishing touch. Whilst the sealant was curing the remaining plastics and rubber were all treated and dressed.

Finished results. Post Detail shots.

Thanks for reading,
Pure Detail.