2013 Audi RS4 Avant

Audi RS4 Avant – Gtechniq New Car Detail + Glass treatment + C5 wheel amour

Having had this booked in for some months when the customer originally ordered the avant, we travelled down to Stoke Audi very early to complete the detail in a day. Having warned the customer and dealer that we needed somewhere warm, dry and where it could stay over night to let the Exo cure, we can’t thank Stoke Audi enough, organising for us to carry out the dry part of the detail in their handing over area. Being February 28th you can imagine how busy they were!

As requested, the car was completely untouched apart from PDI and fuelling the car ready. All protective wrappings were left on.

Upon arrival:



Into the hand over area with much needed greenhouse heating!


After the deep cleanse and decontamination stages it was time to inspect the paint for defects:



As you can see, very occasional swirl marks and lots of hazing from the paint curing. This is why with every new car detail we always single stage machine the paint with with isolated correction machining if needed. Which results in very sharp reflections and very lush gloss!


Once machined the satin/gloss finish wheels were coated with Gtechniq C5 wheel amour and the glass treated with Gtechniq G1 (3x coats)


The paintwork was treated to a two stage protection with C1.v2 and once cured to add that last bit of unbeatable gloss Gtechniq Exo! Leaving perfect results:






Sills also machined and coated:


Left to cure the tyres were then treated with Gtechniq T1 (3x coatings)


Interior protected with Leather guard L1, Matt dash C6. + Gtechniq shampoo left ready for its first post detail wash, as the customer couldn’t make our post detail wash session offered with every gtechniq detail.


Ready for the customer to collect the following day completely cured with its 5 year warranty.


Thanks for reading.

Pure Detail – Gtechniq accredited detailer for the North West.