Stone Chip and Scratch Repair.

We provide two different techniques for stone chips repair. The first being for larger chips which are filled with a paint and lacquer mix, flatted and polished back. The second is for a mass of stone chips which pepper the forward facing parts of your car.For the mass stone chip repair – it is not a perfect repair! The shape of the chip is still visible if you look very closely.

General processes for stone chip repair are:

  • Wash the car to remove any dirt
  • Clean each chip with alcohol
  • Layer up the paint and lacquer mix to build the paint up
  • Leave the paint lacquer mix to full harden
  • Flatten built up paint with de-nibbler and sand papers
  • Correct the flatting marks by machine polishing
  • Refine polish
  • Inspect chip for flaws


Here is an example of our chip correction on an Audi RS4 front bumper: (apologies for the poor image quality)






Time required half a day. Prices start from £80 for this services.
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