Squared Wheels – Forged Three Piece Dreams…

We are proud to announce that we are official partners with Squared Wheels (squaredwheels.co.uk) to look after all their protective and glossy needed. We aim to have every set of wheels leave with a coating of G-Techniq C5 which is a composite ceramic finish which lasts for 3 years onwards. With this finish being ceramic, its a very hard layer which will protect your triple chromed finish minimising swirling and marring to the ultra reflective finish. Squared wheels will also be offering G-Techniq’s T1 with is an ultra durable low shine tyre coating which if prepared properly will last 6 months… not days!
Squared offer a range of very high quality 3 piece forged rims/wheels including there sd1, sd2 and sd3 designs, along with the 1 piece wheels too. For a little more they offer a bespoke design service, which offers your very own, one off designed wheels!

We like Squared wheels so much, we are wearing a set on our company caddy!

What do you think?