Case Study: Why you should have your brand new car detailed and ceramic paint protection

When buying a brand new car from a car dealership, no doubt you will be offered some sort of paint protection whether it be free of charge or range from £300 – £1000. Most of these will be the likes of life shine, diamondbrite or similar.
With these, most claim huge long lasting protection, but realistically offer very little. If you read the small print the huge claims are due to regular top ups! What is to be expected off a £5-15 product?!?
Onto the application. Most new cars arrive at the dealerships dirty and in need of a full wash down and decontamination from fall out, have swirls, scratches and sanding marks from where paint defects are corrected at the manufacture. All of which, to be corrected properly need the correct amount of time and skill.
Sadly valeters are on a time limit with each car, often without the right or new equipment, products or cloths. Simply, the car can not be properly prepared.
This is where Pure Detail comes in! With permission, we often carry out the detail at the dealership before the car is collected by the customer. This means the dealership does not have to touch the car at all, as we prefer the car be left well alone, left dirty and with all the delivery stickers left on. Usually if the car was been washed, or further more prep’d by the dealer there will be swirls, marring etc which makes more work to perfect.
Usual time taken to perform a new car detail is 1 – 2 days. A brief summary of the process is:
1. remove any delivery stickers
2. presoak the exterior to remove and loosen any dirt
3. Rinse, snowfoam and wash the exterior down
4. soak the exterior in gtechniq Iron fallout remover
5. remove any tar and glue residue on the paint and glass
6. wash down again
7. dry the car fully with compressed air and drying towels
8. Inspection – we fully inspect the car to make sure nothing untoward has happened to the vehicle prior to the customer collecting it. This is something car dealerships won’t tell you and try to cover up.
9. contact with the customer to update
10. localised paint correction on deeper paint defects such as swirls, scratches and sanding marks
11. single stage paint refining to rid marring and slight swirling which in turn sharpens the reflection, deepens the colour and adds deep gloss!
12. Panel wipe down to remove any polish residue and inspect.
13. application of ceramic coatings such as Gtechniq, ceramic pro, kamikaze, and any others we have tested and feel happy to apply.
14. wheels removed and coated
15. calipers coated
16. glass coatings / sealants
The list goes on with lots of smaller points.

We are a strong believer in protecting new cars with super hard, durable and hydrophobic ceramic coatings. Unlike waxes or polishes that don’t last or protect against swirls or scratches, ceramic coatings give a very hard protective barrier and scratch resistant finish to the car. Often with 5 year + durability. What is the point in having the car perfect, only for it to be left vulnerable?!?

Pure Detail have spent years specialising in ceramic coatings – testing durability, strength, hardness and gloss factors. From this, we have refined the products we are happy to work with and promto to our customers.

Onto the Case Study – Brand New Ford Focus RS (Mk3)

We move straight onto the car being brought inside after being fully washed and decontaminated – time for inspection.
Upon first inspection, the sanding marks are most noticeable:-

As you can see, they are very noticeable, especially on a flat colour. Usually these are due to de-nibbing any paint defaults or marks in the paint. Unfortunately they are rarely fully polished back enough.

Next, we notice the car is fully of swirls (every panel) and also poor machine polishing marks.

And of course, the piano black B and C pillars always need attention:

So as you can see, brand new cars are far from perfect and very much in need of the proper amount of skill and attention to perfect the condition you would associate with new vehicles.
Once inspected, we update the customer as to how the car is and if there is anything that needs further attention beyond a new car detail.

Onto the paint correction stages. Here are some 50:50 shots illustrating before and after professional paint correction:



Rear Passenger quarter:

Passenger side door:

Towards C pillar near roof:

Upper front bumper:

Piano black door pillars:

Once all the deeper marks have been fully paint corrected, the exterior is the treated to a single stage machine polish paint correction using a very soft finishing pad and a finishing polish. This brings the paint back to a very deep gloss with sharper reflections. When paint dries, cures and gasses off the paint dulls. This can only be properly brought back by machine polishing.
Once complete and panel wiped off to remove any residue, its time for ceramic coatings. In this case we use Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and Exo V3. Crystal serum light is a perfect protection with maximum strength and durability for the fords medium soft paint. With our way of applying the product, no marring is inflicted into the paint whilst using minimal product thus leaving less residue to wipe off.

Once complete, the Focus RS is left with a dripping deep wet gloss, super durable and strong top coat.
We offer our own 5 year protection warranty on all ceramic coating details.

Finished pictures:

Ready for the customer to collect their perfectly ceramic coated pride and joy.
We also request with the dealer that the car is left inside until the customer collects.

If you would like this service on your brand new car, please get in touch via our contact us form on the website, email us at or phone us on 07789368333

Thanks for reading.
Pure Detail.