Saab 9-3 Areo

New Car Detail + Soft Top Protection.

Having known the customer for a while, he had threatened to have his car detailed for a while. So when he bought a new car, the day after it was picked up from the dealership it was in for a new car detail. Being a soft top he was interested in protecting it from the off, so there was no other product for the job, it had to be G-techniq’s I1 Smart Fabric. Make sure you view the video of the results.
As he requested, the car arrived with all the delivery stickers, wax and hood protector still in place.


Once all of the stickers and delivery wax had been removed, there was a certain amount of bonded contaminants which were then lifted by claying the car. It was then taken inside and up on the ramp to coat and protect the arches and undercarriage. The arches were protected with 303 Aerospace Protectant and the undercarriage with bare bones spray sealant.

Before the wheels were placed back on the car the brake disc hubs were painted and protected. From the factory the hubs are only covered in primer which won’t protect them and rust will soon appear. This treatment will keep them looking new for a lot longer and also improves the appearance. As you can see there is slight rust appearing already…

Completed it looks like this, which is more in-keeping with the wheel colour also.


Once the arches and undercarriage were wiped down and finished off, the car was back on its wheels and treated to a one stage machine polish to crisp up the reflections and rid the slight holograms/movement in the paint. For this Zaino All In One was used with a very soft finishing pad.

As you can see, very crisp deep reflections…

After this the roof protection cover was removed to reveal a perfect mohair cabriolet hood. This was then treated to G | Techniq I1 Smart Fabric. This will repel all fluid and is completely water proof. So much so water can not even settle on the roof. The following video illustrates how well this protect works.


The customer wanted the finish to be very durable, so Collinite 915 was used to seal the car. Leaving these results..

The finished detail…

The happy customer…



Thanks for reading.