2012 Mercedes G-Wagon

Having bought this the week before, the customer felt the car hadn’t been prepared properly and lacked any real long lasting protection. After a lengthy discussion with the customer about various products and packages, he decided that the G-Techniq new car detail package with its 5 year warranty would be the way to go as the car would be a long term keeper. Having decided on G-techniq he opted for the glass and wheel protection options with G1 and C5 with an additional single stage machine polish before hand.

As I arrived… already with 480 miles on the clock..

An even layer of loose contaminates over the lower of the body…

Onto the pre-foam to remove as much dirt as possible…

As soon as we had foamed one side, the customer wanted to be hands on and try out the foam lance…

Which he has now ordered with a load of other products to maintain the G Wagon.
Then we moved it inside to dry and carry out the single stage machine.

Once inside it was machined, IPA’d down to rid any remaining polish to prepare it for the G-Techniq C1, C4, C5, C2 and G1.
First off C5 was applied to the wheels front and back.
(unfortunately its a very blurred image)

Once complete, C4 was applied to the plastic and rubber trims around the car including the door shut rubbers. This left them much deeper in colour and with a great satin finish.

C1 was then applied to the paint panel by panel ensuring all the panel gaps and angels were covered. The reflections left after single stage machine and C1.

The finished results…

Deep Colour and shine protected for 5 years with G-Techniq including their 3S Warranty.

Thanks for reading.